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Leonida Mediterranean. Earth's sky

Leonida Mediterranean. Earth's sky

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A road trip from Ankara to the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Antalya, in Turkey, was where the astrophotographer Tunc Tezel found clean skies and splendid scenarios to see the meteor storm of the Leonids 2001.

There, he captured this dreamlike image where a racing car visually approaching the horizon is reflected in the calm waters of the ocean. You can also see lights on the coast and the nearby islands, in addition to the brilliant Sirius shining as the most powerful in the sky, in the constellation of Can Mayor on the upper right.

Many enthusiasts who made trips to see the Leonids in November 2001 were rewarded with similar shows from this rich meteor storm.

Airborne astronomers also had much to thank the Leonids from their specially equipped aircraft, where they collected data on the chemical composition of this dust that makes possible a shower of stars from the tail of a comet.

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