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Interior of the Moon Drawings, interior of the planets

Interior of the Moon Drawings, interior of the planets

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Four seismic stations powered by nuclear energy were installed during the Apollo project to collect data on the interior of the Moon. There is only one residual tectonic activity due to cooling and tidal action, but others lunamotos (earthquakes in the Moon) have been caused by impacts of meteors and artificial objects, such as the deliberate destruction of the Lunar Module against the lunar surface. The results have shown that the Moon has a crust about 60 kilometers thick in the center of the near side.

If this crust is uniform throughout the Moon, it would constitute 10% of the lunar volume compared to less than 1% of the Earth. Seismic determinations of the existence of a crust and a mantle on the Moon indicate that it is a stratified planet with differentiation by igneous processes. Maybe it has a very rich iron core.

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