The Trifid Nebula Nebulae in the Milky Way

The Trifid Nebula Nebulae in the Milky Way

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An incredible beauty and unimaginable uproar is presented to us in the Trifid Nebula. Also known as M20, this photogenic nebula is visible with good binoculars in the constellation Sagittarius.

The energetic star formation processes create not only colors but also chaos. The bright red gas is the result of high-energy starlight colliding with interstellar hydrogen gas. The dark filaments that M20 draws were created in the cold atmospheres of giant stars and in the debris of the supernova explosion.

It is still investigating that bright young stars are illuminating the reflection nebula blue. The light of M20 that we see today left the nebula 3,000 years ago, although the exact distance is still unknown. The light takes about 50 years to travel the M20 itself.

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