Reef (geology)

Reef (geology)

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In geology and mining, a reef is a metalliferous or stony mass that fills an old bankruptcy of the rocks of a terrain or forms a layer of it.

When there are fractures in the earth's crust, they can be subsequently filled by rocks of magmatic origin. Mantle reefs are usually parallel to stratification.

It forms when a magma formed at great depth ascends and enters between layers of sedimentary or metamorphic rocks. In the first case, magma fits in favor of stratification planes, and always does it in planes that offer less resistance. In this case, the intrusion is mechanical and, as a result, can cause deformation of the rocks affected by it.

The reefs are established in deep locations and are only observable on the surface when they emerge thanks to erosion. If the concordant mass of igneous rock has several square kilometers of extension, it is called, according to its shape, lacolito or lopolito.

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