Canopus (Canopo)

Canopus (Canopo)

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Canopus or Canopo It is a star of the first magnitude, the second brightest star in the sky, located in the constellation of the Keel. The distance at which it remains remained doubtful until the Hipparcos satellite measured it precisely from its parallax. It is currently admitted that it is 309 light years.

Although Canopus is much farther from Earth, it is only half magnitude weaker than the brightest star, Sirius, which is 8.7 light years away. Because of its brightness, Canopus is often used as a reference point for the orientation of spacecraft.

90,000 years ago, the Canopus star was brighter than Sirius, because it was closer to the Solar System than now; Canopus has an apparent brightness superior to Sirius.

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