Catadioptric (system)

Catadioptric (system)

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Is called Catadioptric to an optical system that uses a combination of mirrors and lenses in order to improve image quality.

The first attempts to make catadioptric systems were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century, however, the first satisfactory result is due to Bernhard Schmidt (1879-1935), who in 1930 introduced a corrective plate in a reflecting telescope, thus obtaining a visual field much wider and free of aberrations.

Telescopes of this type or Schmidt, as they are called, have a wide use in astrophotography. Another catadioptric system has been developed in 1944 by the Soviet Dimitri Maksutov (1896-1964). The schemes of the catadriópticos systems are treated in detail in the voice Telescope.

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