Byurakan (observatory)

Byurakan (observatory)

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Byurakan It is one of the most important observatories of the former Soviet Union, endowed, among other things, with a 260 cm reflector.

It is located in Armenia, near the city of Yerevan and was founded in 1946 by Viktor Ambartsumian, one of the most famous Soviet astronomers.

In March 1974, the Soviet Union approved a program to investigate the problem of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. The program was prepared by the search section for cosmic signals of artificial origin of the Radio Astronomy Council, based on the recommendations of the Soviet National Conference on the Problem of Communication with Extraterrestrial Civilizations that took place in the astrophysical observatory of Byurakan, in May 1964, and the Soviet-North American conference on CETI held by Byurakan in September 1971.

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