Baily (pearls or beads)

Baily (pearls or beads)

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The Baily, also called "Baily globules" or "diamond ring". It is a phenomenon related to the total eclipses of the Sun, described in the 19th century by British astronomer Francis Baily.

Before the Moon completely covers the Sun, and again, when the Sun begins to appear, small areas of sunlight suddenly appear intermittently as a chain of bright spots of variable size and separated by dark areas.

This phenomenon is caused by the passage of sunlight by the cracks that form the rugged edge of the lunar disk.

Annular eclipses are not as impressive as total eclipses. But during an annular eclipse observers can distinguish Baily's Beads - "Baily's Beads", in English -, a chain of bright spots along the lunar contour, formed when sunlight shines through the craters and mounds of the Moon . Depending on where the observer is located, bright pearls can persist for more than a minute.

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