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A spacecraft it is a vehicle destined for space flights, in which it is about reproducing, approximately, the conditions in which man lives on Earth.

To survive and carry out space missions, man must have a good level of safety and environmental comfort in spacecraft. In addition, there are the problems of food, water and the elimination of organic waste.

The main requirement for space capsules intended for human flights is to reproduce, not the identical physical conditions of the ground level atmosphere, at least one situation in which man can easily adapt.

Because the weight of the food needed for a crew on each mission would be excessive (each human being needs 1 kg. Of food and 2 kg. Of water per day) the lyophilization treatment has been chosen, which causes up to 9/10 the weight of food of any kind. Water for rehydration is available as it is the secondary product of chemical reactions between fuel components at the time of combustion.

The inconvenience of organic waste has been resolved by incinerators: the carbon oxide produced by the combustion is transformed into carbon dioxide and, therefore, recycled so as to produce small amounts of oxygen.

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