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Apollo-Soyuz It is one of the most spectacular experiences of international cooperation in space.

On July 5, 1975, the American Apollo spacecraft with three men on board joined the Soviet Soyuz cosmonave with two astronauts, 225 km away. on Earth A five-year agreement stipulated in 1972 between the two great powers, provided for the study of a compatible system of appointment and mooring of stations and inhabited ships of the Soviet Union and the United States, in order to increase the security of the human flights in space and have the opportunity, in the future, to carry out joint scientific experiences.

The historic handshake in space between Soviet commander Alexei Leonov and American Thomas Stafford was followed with excitement by viewers around the world.

In addition to constituting an antecedent for eventual relief missions in the space between spacecraft of the two countries, another of the main objectives was the realization of experiments related to microgravity, astronomy, medicine and Earth observation. 32 experiments were carried out in the field of 5 projects.

Particularly spectacular was that of the artificial solar Eclipse, during which the Apollo made a concealment disk of the Sun, while the Soyuz crew made observations and took photographs of the Solar Crown.

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