Ariel (satellites)

Ariel (satellites)

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With the name of Ariel A series of 6 British scientific satellites launched from the United States between 1962 and 1979 is known.

The first two were built in the United States with the scientific equipment provided by Britain. However, the others were completely English construction.

Ariel 1, launched on April 26, 1962, studied the ionosphere and solar radiation; Ariel 2, (March 27, 1964) conducted atmospheric and radio astronomy studies; Ariel 3 (May 5, 1967) and Ariel 4 (December 11, 1971) developed studies on the ionosphere and radio astronomy; Ariel 5 (October 15, 1974) drew a map of the sky with X-rays, examining in detail some stellar sources of these radiations; Ariel 6 (June 2, 1979) studied cosmic rays and X-rays.

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