Apollo (asteroid)

Apollo (asteroid)

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Receive the name of Apollo an asteroid, discovered in 1932, that crosses the Earth's orbit.

With the name of Apollo Objects, as of that date, all asteroids that reach the Earth's orbit have been designated.

A few months after the discovery of Apollo, another asteroid called Love was discovered that grazes the Earth's orbit, although it remains outside. For this reason it is usually indicated as "Apollo-Love Objects" to asteroids that approximate considerably to our planet.

In the early 1990s it was discovered that about 75 asteroids (the asteroids of Love) crossed the orbit of Mars, about 50 (the asteroids of Apollo) crossed the orbit of the Earth and less than 10 (the asteroids of Atón) have orbits smaller than Earth's. A strange Apollo asteroid, Phaeton, about 5 km wide, approaches the Sun more than any other known asteroid (20.9 million kilometers). It is also related to the annual return of the Gemini meteor stream.

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