Angstrom (unit of measure)

Angstrom (unit of measure)

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He Angstrom It is a unit of measure equivalent to ten thousand millionth of the meter, 0.000,000,000.1 meters, whose symbol is Å, used mainly to indicate the wavelengths of visible light. In an inch fit 10 million angstroms.

The visible light ranges from approximately 3,600 Å of the extreme violet color to 7,600 Å of the red at the limit of vision. Between them are the other colors.

Beyond the red, up to the millimeter, we find a group of waves that are called infrared radiation. From the millimeter the radio waves appear: the FM, AM. VHF, etc. At the other end, below the violet and up to 100 Å, we have, first, the ultraviolet; beyond are the X-rays whose border is towards 0'1 Å, and further away, the gamma rays.

The name comes from Anders Jonas Angstrom (1814-1874), a Swedish physicist, pioneer of spectroscopy studies.

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