Solar activity

Solar activity

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It is usually called Solar Activity to the phenomenon characterized by the presence of spots, bumps, glare and significant emissions in radio frequencies and X-rays in the Sun.

Sunspots are yellow, although they would normally be dark spots. These spots usually measure more than 30,000 km and appear in 11-year cycles. Solar activity, including the development of sunspots, is associated with the change of the sun's magnetic fields.

The period from July 1957 to December 1958 had a particularly intense solar activity.

It is thought that all these forms of solar activity are controlled by the release of energy from the Sun's magnetic field. How this energy is released and what relationship there is between the different types of solar activities are some of the enigmas that solar physicists face today in day.

The amount of solar activity is not constant, and is closely related to the typical number of sunspots that are visible.

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