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Literally, "aerial stone." A aerolite It is a celestial body of stone nature that penetrates the atmosphere and is recovered on the earth's surface.

Aerolytes are pieces of disintegrated comets. Comet Biela, for example, disintegrated in its last step near Earth, and suddenly a true cloud of millions of aeroliths or "shooting stars" appeared, which dizzily crossed the sky for many hours. They were the remains of the disintegrated comet, and many of them fell on the Earth in racing forms.

A few years ago there was a notable fall of ice blocks in Spain that were mistakenly called aerolitos. The correct term is "megacriometeors", because the ice blocks originated in the atmosphere and, instead, the aerosols are rocky meteorites. Megachrometers form more frequently than in the past, but their existence is not recent, but is documented before even the existence of airplanes.

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