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Yebes center. Spanish observatories

Yebes center. Spanish observatories

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The Astronomical Center of Yebes (CAY) is the largest and most important astronomical observatory of all that the National Geographic Institute has, and belongs to the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN). It is located in the municipality of Yebes, in Guadalajara, on a plain 980 meters above sea level. It is an area with very good conditions for radio astronomical observations, since there is little annual rainfall, low wind and no light pollution.

The Yebes Observatory is considered a Great Scientific Facility, and its main activity lies in radio astronomical and geodetic research. In addition to the domes where the observation instruments are located, the CAY has a laboratory for the development of instrumentation, in addition to being the base center for the studies of a large group of engineers and technicians.

Among the latest additions to the CAY is a radio telescope 40 meters in diameter. Observations of comets and asteroids are being carried out with this instrument. It also has a 15-centimeter solar telescope that is located on an 8-meter high tower, and a double astrograph with an opening of 0.40 meters.

The CAY radio telescope is not only used by astronomers at the Manchego center, it is also used by members of other national and international institutions.

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