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Sierra Nevada. Spanish observatories

Sierra Nevada. Spanish observatories

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In the Sierra Nevada Park (Granada), on the slope of Veleta Peak, is the Sierra Nevada Observatory. Located at 2,850 meters of altitude, it remains surrounded by snow for much of the year, as can be seen in the image. It is managed by the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, which belongs to the Higher Council for Scientific Research, and was inaugurated in 1975.

Very close to the current Sierra Nevada Observatory, in a place known as Mohón del Trigo, you can still see the ruins of the former astronomical observatory of the Sierra Nevada National Park, built in 1902.

The Observatory of Sierra Nevada, of night observation, has a radio telescope of 30 meters in diameter, two Nasmyth Chinese telescopes with opening measures of 90 cm and 1.5 m, and other smaller telescopes for several specific projects.

In the beginning, the Sierra Nevada Observatory had two telescopes, one British 75 cm and another French 60 cm, which were operational until the end of the eighties. After being replaced by the new models, the French telescope was returned to its owners, while the British Steavenson telescope was installed in the Science Park of Granada for public use.

The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia organizes guided visits to the Sierra Nevada Observatory during the summer months, promoting the dissemination of astronomy among the general public.

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