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Ramón María Aller. Spanish observatories

Ramón María Aller. Spanish observatories

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The Ramón María Aller Astronomical Observatory of the University of Santiago de Compostela, which appears in the image, was founded in 1943 by the priest and professor Ramón María Aller Ulloa. This astronomer and mathematician pioneered the study of double and multiple stars in Spain.

Of a university nature, the Ramón María Aller Observatory participates in various research projects that allow its astronomers to collaborate with some astronomical centers in Europe, America and Asia. In addition to organizing scientific conferences, it publishes the Information Circular of Commission 26 of the International Astronomical Union, on a quarterly basis.

Meteorology is another of the fields covered by the Ramón María Aller Observatory, and in its garden there are two stations, one manual and one automatic, which obtain the meteorological data of the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Among the instrumentation of the observatory stands out a refractor donated by Ramón María Aller himself, a speckle interferometry camera and a concealment photometer, and since 2003 they have a 62 cm opening telescope.

Thanks to the teaching work of the Ramón María Aller Astronomical Observatory, astronomy students at the University of Santiago can do internships, and also have an impressive library, considered one of the most complete in Spain of its kind.

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