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De l'Ebre. Spanish observatories

De l'Ebre. Spanish observatories

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The image includes a magnificent panoramic view of the Ebro Observatory, located in the Catalan town of Roquetes, in Tarragona. It was inaugurated in 1904 to carry out studies on the relationship between the sun and the Earth, in addition to other meteorological functions, although today it is dedicated to the study of geomagnetism, climate, ionosphere, seismology and meteorology and of solar activity.

The Ebro Observatory belongs to a foundation that develops collaborative projects with the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Ramon Llull University and the State Meteorological Agency, in addition to collaborating with other official and private organizations.

During its more than one hundred years of existence, the Ebro Observatory has accumulated a multitude of records of great scientific value, such as the seismic and ionospheric archives, considered the most extensive in Spain, and its meteorological archives, which date back to 1880.

At Observatori de l'Ebre A group of researchers works that catalog all the information that is generated so that it can be used later in scientific studies and to solve diverse needs of society.

The facilities of the Ebro Observatory can be visited through the guided tours they organize, lasting 90 minutes. During these visits they inform about the work that their scientists do, and you can see some ancient tools that they treasure, such as old telescopes and seismographs.

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