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Fabra Spanish observatories

Fabra Spanish observatories

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As you can see in the image, the Fabra Observatory is located in one of the highest areas of the Catalan city of Barcelona, ​​on the southeast slope of the Collserola mountain range, a little below the Tibidabo, so it enjoys a great panoramic view of the villa and open skies perfect for astronomical observation.

The Observatori Fabra was built in 1904 thanks to a legacy made by Camil Fabra and Fontanills, first Marquis of Alella, and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII. Designed by the modernist architect Josep Doménech Estapà, it belongs to the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona, ​​and since its inception it has performed functions related to astronomy, meteorology and seismology.

Although currently its astronomical activity is reduced to observation, it also maintains the research work. Nowadays, it is especially dedicated to the observation of double stars, in addition to participating in several international programs focused on asteroid tracking.

The Fabra Observatory has a 38 cm diameter Mailhat refracting telescope from 1904 that is still operational, in addition to a 200 mm diameter Mailhat meridian circle, a Schmidt telescope or a 50 cm Baker-Nunn camera.

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