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Multiverse Astronomy and thought

Multiverse Astronomy and thought

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This photograph was on its cover day of Life magazine and recreates the expanding Universe like a balloon that inflates. Today, cosmology studies the possibility of the multiverse, formed by infinitely expanding bubble universes. Once again, our knowledge of the Universe and reality collapses.

The multiverse theory gains more and more strength. It is compatible with Einstein's relativity and inflationary cosmology. The Universe continues to expand, but not at the same speed everywhere. Space and time expand and contract, so that new bubble universes can inflate at any time and in any region of the Cosmos.

In the multiverse, infinite universes continue to be born from infinite big bangs. There may be universes with physical laws completely different from ours, or parallel universes exactly the same.

For quantum physics, each probability would be realized in a parallel and independent universe to ours. Although we can only perceive one reality, ours would be only one among the infinite possible.

Today, the so-called M Theory attempts to unify the 5 versions of string theory to demonstrate the existence of these parallel universes.

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