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SpaceShipTwo ship. Learn from the experience

SpaceShipTwo ship. Learn from the experience

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The race to bring tourists into space has had resounding failures. Contrary to what one might think, these problems have not ended the dreams of the companies involved in this project.

This is the case of Virgin Galactic, owned by English tycoon millionaire Richard Branson. Under its supervision the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft was created, which is capable of achieving supersonic speeds of 1.6 Mach. It has capacity for two pilots and six passengers, a length of 18 meters and a wingspan of 8.3 meters.

In November 2015, Richard Branson announced that the new version of the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft was ready, and that it would begin testing in February 2016. But until now, SpaceShipTwo has suffered all kinds of incidents, some of them very serious.

The most serious disaster of the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft took place on October 31, 2014, when on a test flight it crashed in the Mojave Desert in California. In the accident, the pilot, Michael Alsbury, 39, died. The co-pilot, Pete Siebold, 43, managed to survive, but with very serious injuries. This accident delayed the project, and it was even thought that the entire plan would be canceled. Nothing is further from reality, since the SpaceShipTwo program is still running.

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