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Morpheus probe Learn from the experience

Morpheus probe Learn from the experience

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While scientists continued to celebrate the success of the Curiosity, which managed to step on Mars, NASA suffered a resounding failure with the Morpheus probe. On August 10, 2012, Morpheus, which was designed to reach the moon or perch on an asteroid, crashed as soon as it took off.

It was the first flight of the Morpheus probe, and it was only for testing. Morpheus flew over just a few meters, bowed and fell on the ground, causing an explosion. The accident took place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in the United States.

The ship had been made with low-cost materials, although its final value exceeded five and a half million euros. The Morpheus probe was designed to overcome the obstacles of the lunar surface, such as boulders, rocks, hillsides and craters. This probe project also contemplated, in the future, the possibility of carrying a human-shaped robot or a small vehicle.

Morpheus was still in the process of testing and, according to NASA, this failure had not compromised the development of this probe, which will be improved. In spite of everything, this NASA fiasco implies learning, as has happened with other problems that the US space agency has experienced. For its members, each negative step represents a more successful one in the future.

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