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KamLAND dial. The advances in astronomy

KamLAND dial. The advances in astronomy

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A great wait in Japan is helping us to understand something more about the internal functioning of the Sun. The KamLAND sphere, as a photo shows during its construction in 2001, can detect fundamental particles called anti-neutrinos that are emitted near nuclear reactors in Japan.

This can be explained in a better way by the oscillation of neutrinos between two different types. KamLAND's results reinforce previous oscillation data including those of the Sudbury detector, a large similar sphere in Canada designed to detect all types of neutrinos in the Sun.

Astrophysicists believe that the problem of solar neutrino deficit has been resolved. A new mystery replaces it and is to find a new Standard Model for physical particles that fully explain the neutrino oscillation.

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