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Dextre Robot Instruments and vehicles

Dextre Robot Instruments and vehicles

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With the name Dextre, the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator is named in English. It is a two-arm robot, or telemanipulators, that are part of the Canadarm 2 of the International Space Station (EEI).

The Canadarm 2 is the Mobile Maintenance System of the IEE, in English Mobile Servicing System, and is a robotic and equipment system associated with the International Space Station. Its functions include extending the Dextre robot to replace some activities that would otherwise require spacewalks.

The Dextre robot was launched into space on March 11, 2008 on the STS-123 mission. It is part of Canada's contribution to the IEE, and receives this particular name by its right-handed nature. It is also popularly known by the hand of Canada, for being associated with Canadarm 2, or arm 2 of Canada.

Among the main functions of Dextre is to replace the damaged or worn components of the International Space Station, such as batteries, and its accuracy is millimetric. Dextre's morphology resembles that of a human being, since he has a torso, two arms and hands. You can work autonomously or in a fixed way to a support, as in this case the International Space Station.

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