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Spacewalk. Instruments and vehicles

Spacewalk. Instruments and vehicles

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Astronauts go into space to fix a satellite, do a scientific experiment, or build a space station. To go outside, the astronaut needs to wear a very special suit to protect himself from extreme temperatures, the lack of oxygen and the irreparable damage that could be caused by the sun's rays.

Under the suit they wear an underwear in which 91 meters of water tubes allow their body temperature to be normal. Each astronaut has his pair of special gloves. His suit incorporates a microphone and speaker to listen and talk to the rest of the team, the others who have left the space, those who have stayed on the ship and, sometimes, to communicate directly with the technicians on Earth.

In their backpack they carry water, a generator and also oxygen to breathe. The movements with this suit are complicated and very tired, so, an exit space does not usually last more than six hours. For more safety, the astronaut can grab the ship and is also attached with a cable. If not, it could get lost floating. Going out into space is an extraordinary experience, but very hard.

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