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Quito Observatory. Space observation

Quito Observatory. Space observation

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The Astronomical Observatory of Quito (OAQ) was founded in 1873. It is located in the Parque La Alameda in the city of Quito, and is the only one that exists in Ecuador. This observatory specializes in the investigation of peculiar and so far little studied equatorial skies.

The OAQ is one of the oldest observatories in South America, and is managed by the National Polytechnic School. Since its inception it has had a weather station that has remained in continuous operation. Study and report the climatic variations of the city of Quito.

As for astronomical studies, the OAQ has investigated galaxies, especially the gigantic groups of stars formed by gravitational forces of infinite reach. They also carry out a continuous study of the sky of Quito. For this they use three telescopes, 8, 12 and 16 inches, in addition to an equatorial telescope Merz.

Today, the Astronomical Observatory of Quito, in addition to astronomical studies of the equatorial zone, makes night observations by telescopes for the general public and summer courses of Basic Astronomy. It also has a library and an astronomical museum in its facilities.

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