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Lunar module. Instruments and vehicles

Lunar module. Instruments and vehicles

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The lunar module of Apollo 17, Challenger ("Challenger") was designed to fly in the void of space. This clear photograph taken from the control module America shows the ascending stage of the Challenger in lunar orbit.

Small jet control nozzles are located on the sides of the lunar ship with the rocket engine hood for the ascent below. The hatch that allows access to the lunar surface can be seen in front and a round radar antenna appears at the top.

This spacecraft performed elegantly, perching on the moon and returning the Apollo astronauts to the command module in orbit in December 1972 - but where is the Challenger now? Its descent stage remains at the Apollo 17 landing site, Taurus-Littrow. The ascension stage was intentionally crashed near there after being discarded from the command module, before the return of the astronauts to planet Earth. The mission of Apollo 17 was the sixth and last time astronauts have landed.

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