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Terskol Observatory. Space observation

Terskol Observatory. Space observation

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The Terskol Peak Observatory is located in southern Russia, in the western part of the Caucasus mountain range. It is located at an altitude of 2,427 meters above sea level, on one of the summits of Mount Elbrus, and was founded in 1980.

In the image you can see the white dome of the two-meter telescope. The equipment of the Terskol Peak Observatory is made up of an ATSU-26 horizontal solar telescope; a small specialized horizontal solar telescope SEF-1; a Zeiss-600 telescope; a Zeiss-2000 telescope; an A-800 Telescope; an 11-inch Celestron telescope and a 14-inch Meade telescope.

Among the studies carried out at the Terskol Peak Observatory are the optical glow of gamma-ray bursts; the astrosismology or high frequency oscillations of the stars; the giant planets and their satellites; asteroids near Earth; the search for exoplanets; Binary stars, comets and the sun.

The Terskol Peak Observatory belongs to the International Center for Astronomy, Medicine and Ecological Research of Russia. The water vapor in the lower part of the atmosphere and the high atmospheric transparency in this area make the Terskol peak one of the best places for astronomical observation in Europe.

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