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Monte Palomar. Space observation

Monte Palomar. Space observation

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Monte Palomar is an important American astronomical observatory, located south of the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. It belongs to the California Institute of Technology.

It was inaugurated in 1948, and has the Hale reflector telescope which, with its 5 meters in diameter, was the largest in the world for three decades, until the construction of the Russian 6-meter Zelenchukskaya telescope took place.

The Hale telescope, weighing 480 tons, is not used for visual observation but for the realization of photographic and photoelectric records of the weakest and most distant objects in the sky. The 5.08 m mirror is a cast piece of Pyrex glass and weighs 13 tons. The surface of the parabolic mirror was coated with a thin aluminum film, very reflective in high vacuum conditions. Other observatory telescopes are the 46 cm Schmidt and a 50 cm photoelectric telescope.

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