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Apollo 8. Space travel. Astronautics

Apollo 8. Space travel. Astronautics

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The number eight was the second manned flight of the Apollo program and the first Lunar flight. For the first time a manned ship left Earth's orbit and headed towards the Moon. In lunar orbit, television broadcasts were seen by millions of people. The flight of Apollo 8 coincided with Christmas and, therefore, with a large audience.

The rocket was launched at 07:51:00 am. on the East Coast from tower 39-A, at the Kennedy Space Center, on December 21, 1968 and three days later it was in lunar orbit.

The crew of the Apollo 8 mission, went down in history for being the first to escape the earth's gravity and make a trip of almost 400,000 km to the Moon, going around ten times. Astronauts Bormam, Lovell and Anders dedicated themselves to locating possible landing sites.

For the return the engines started when the ship was behind the moon. There was no contact from the ground control and it had to wait for the ship to reappear to verify that everything was working properly. Six days after its launch, Apollo landed safe and sound in the Pacific Ocean.

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