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Athens school. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

Athens school. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

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The School of Athens is one of the greatest works of Renaissance painting. It is a fresco located in the Vatican Signatura, and perfectly expresses the entire genius of Rafael. The perspective is inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci and the characters remember Michelangelo, who at this time painted the Sistine Chapel.

In the center you can see Plato, with Timaeus, pointing to the sky, and Aristotle, with Ethics, presiding over a large number of characters. The School of Athens celebrates the rational investigation of truth.

On the left is Socrates conversing with Alexander the Great, armed. The architecture of the temple of wisdom architecture, with the niches of Apollo and Pallas Athena, as a Renaissance space and the representation of the wise men of antiquity as Rafael's contemporary men underline this idea of ​​continuity between the present and the ancient world.

There are many more classic characters represented in the play, including Epicurus and Pythagoras, located on the left.

It has been tried to see in this painting a representation of the seven liberal arts. In the foreground, on the left: Grammar, Arithmetic and Music, on the right: Geometry and Astronomy and at the top of the Rhetoric and Dialectical staircase. In short, a continuity between the set of ancient and modern knowledge with the protagonist of man.

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